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Ali Azhari


About Ali 

Ali Azhari is an Iranian filmmaker and cinematographer, renowned for his notable contributions to the film industry with movies such as "I'm Not Angry" (2014), "Two Patches of Clouds" (2016), "Us and Them" (2009 ), and "Lockdown" (2019). Born in Mashhad, Iran, Ali Azhari completed his undergraduate degree in Directing for Cinema at Sooreh University of Art in Tehran. Following this, he embarked on a journey to Jordan to participate in a film program for his M.F.A., specifically designed by the University of Southern California at the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts. Returning to Iran in 2010, he promptly immersed himself in the local film industry, working as a cinematographer on numerous short and feature-length films. In 2018, he made the decision to relocate to Cyprus, where he currently dedicates his time to teaching as a full-time film lecturer at Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design.


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